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Landscape Management Software

With Eworks Manager’s Landscaping software, you can easily schedule recurring jobs for those clients that may need your services on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. With this type of software, you will never miss an appointment.

Once a recurrence rule is set, the system will then automatically create these jobs. All that is left to do is to assign a field technician to the given job – it’s as easy as that! This process can save you and your workforce a lot of time and energy.

With our Landscaping software, your gardening team can furthermore capture before and after photos of the work. As well as this, they can also capture notes and recommendations against the job. This allows your office team to fix any issues that may arise during the job. With the Mobile App your workforce can also easily send an invoice to the client once the work is complete. This means you can invoice on the go!

Clients can also easily log into the system with Eworks Manager’s Customer login portal. Once logged into the system, they can then create jobs for you and your workforce. Once a job is created, a notification will immediately be sent to your team. This feature saves your clients from having to call in or email every time they want to create a job or request a quote. Furthermore, because our system makes everything paperless, all documents cannot get lost or forgotten.

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