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Manage your team with a visual of their locations using our Geo Planning Software

If you run your own business, you already know the struggle of endless paperwork and post-it notes dotted around the office. Eworks Manager helps to simplify your business by moving everything online and providing you access to some amazing tools.

With this feature, you can streamline your entire business, from Project Planning to Geo Location. With the aid of our Mobile App, appointments scheduled to your team reach them immediately with real-time updates and notifications between the Admin System and Mobile App.

Plan & Schedule Jobs Efficiently

Assign jobs to workers based on their location in the field.
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Assign Jobs to the Closest Workers

With our geo-map view, you can see where all your workers are and when you receive a job, you can easily see who the closest field worker is to attend to the appointment. You can then see if this person is available and assign them to that job, or select the next nearest field worker. Our Employee Monitoring Software and Mobile App provide directions to your staff to get them to their next appointment. All this is available within our CMMS Software for admin staff to track jobs and staff while back at the office.

Live Mobile Tracking & Playback solution

This feature allows you to schedule jobs more efficiently using mobile location data from your workers' devices. The map view displays your worker's journey between each appointment. This means that if they happen to be traveling to a job and an emergency comes in, the current job can be put on hold while attending the emergency job.

The live map displays the worker's battery percentage and last connection time, informing the office as to why a worker may not be accepting an appointment on the Mobile App. They can then assign it to the next closest and available worker.

Track and Plan Jobs Efficiently

In the Admin System, you can view where all your users are at all stages of a job. Using our map-view can help you plan ahead and make sure you're not having operatives travel in a zig-zag fashion, thus saving time traveling to site and getting the more work done efficiently and effectively.

Our Geo Map can help you plan, execute, and track jobs and staff, giving you peace of mind knowing where your team members are. If you have our Vehicle Tracking Software, you can track your cars and vans on a live map and assign jobs to them from our Field Management Software. Having all your operatives and appointments in one system helps you keep control of your entire business.

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Planning System FAQs

1What is a Planning System?
Planning Software revolves around switching between tasks, jobs, projects and clients. Organize tasks with a series of views to create simple to-do lists and detailed task lists. You can also track the time spent working on each task.
2Why do I need a Planning System?
A Planning System aims to improve productivity and efficiency with detailed overviews of all diaries and schedules. By automating your processes and having detailed reports available for scheduling, you increase the amount of jobs that can be done in a day and in turn increase your profits.

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