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Locksmith Software

How Can Eworks Manager Help Locksmiths?

Eworks Manager is the perfect solution for locksmiths as it allows locksmith technicians to manage and monitor all planned and reactive work in one digital place. With our Locksmith Software, your technicians can easily create estimates on either the admin system or the Mobile App. Supervisors can also plan and log jobs for field technicians with our user-friendly drag and drop planner feature. Once the work is complete, you can then easily manage your invoices in our financial section of the software. That, or we can integrate your system into your Sage, QuickBooks or Xero account.


With Eworks Manager’s software for locksmiths, technicians can create and manage estimates within minutes. As the estimate is being processed you can furthermore easily change the status of it to keep up to date with which ones to follow up on.


Because there are various ways of invoicing in the system, you can easily meet your client’s needs. Locksmith technicians can invoice from the site as soon as the job is complete, or they can invoice from the office. In both situations, your workforce can record the payment. Alternatively, we integrate into Sage, Xero, and Quickbooks. With these, we provide a seamless approach into each system.

Planned Maintenance

With our planner, you can easily track all work in one place and plan out your week, month or year efficiently. Jobs can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. All you need to do is set a recurrence rule and the system will then automatically run the job a few days before the appointment is due. All that is left to do is to assign a locksmith to the given job.

Reactive Job Management

Your workforce can easily log new jobs with our drag-and-drop planner feature. As the client phones in to book work, your staff can simply drag and drop the job into the planner. Your locksmith technicians will then receive an alert notifying them of the available work. Your locksmiths can also upload photos and a customer signature to relevant worksheets whilst on site. As well as this, they can also attach expenses, receipts and other digitized documentation to the job via the Mobile App.

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