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Workforce Planning Software - Plan & Schedule your Team Effectively

Track and manage your Team's Jobs with our Real-Time Workforce Planning Software

Planning jobs for your team is simplified with Eworks Manager. Our Labour Planning Software lets you quickly find the location of your field operatives. Our Live Tracking Solution tracks your operatives' devices while they are out on the field. This feature lets you know where your operatives are and which site they are currently working on. You can see which appointments they are on route to, and who the closest worker is to any emergency jobs that may come in.

Track Your Field Operatives and Plan Jobs Based on Their Locations

Assign jobs and track your team in real-time.
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Track Your Field Operatives' Job Progress in Real-Time

The Eworks Manager Admin System and Mobile App sync with each other. This means that any action taken on the app is automatically updated to the system, whether it be employees indicating that they are on-route to a job, adding any notes or images, or when they get the customer's approval of a job sheet. The software automatically syncs all information between the Mobile App and Admin System in real-time.

Real-Time Updates with our Live Panel

When the statuses of jobs are changed to 'completed', 'put on hold', or returned to the office, live notifications are sent to the system. The Live Panel displays a live feed of your field operatives' job statuses and progress. This ensures that the designated staff member in the office can send it for invoicing immediately as a job is completed.

Sync Your Calendar and Have it with You On-site

Mobile App users can sync their jobs to their calendars. This way, they can see what work has been scheduled for them for the day, week, or month ahead. Job data synced from the Time Planner to the calendar include the job number, the appointment times, the customer's details, and the appointment's current status.

Manage All Staff Schedules in a Single View

Assign jobs to multiple operatives quickly and easily, using a drag-and-drop method. View your workers' diaries and receive updates on jobs while your operatives are out in the field.

Eworks Manager's GEO Planner lets you view your workers' locations and plan or assign jobs to the closest field worker. This feature helps improve response times to urgent jobs that may come in during the day.

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Workforce Planning Software FAQs

1What is Team Planning Software?
Workforce Planning Software helps manage and maintain work schedules and jobs. This software improves the speed at which employee jobs are scheduled, increases productivity, and enables businesses to allocate jobs quickly. It also allows for improved job tracking and live updates on job progress.
2How can Labour Planning Software benefit my business?
Eworks Manager offers Labour Planning Software that is not only effective but also helps organize job schedules. Track and manage your workforce all within one system! Managing your whole workforce and tracking all of their appointments can be a full-time job if you don't have the right processes or system in place. With Eworks Manager, you will have a built-in system that will help you organize appointments automatically.

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