Keep Your Field Staff Safe with Social Distancing Job Approval Features!

Built-in Social Distancing features to approve jobs safely from our Mobile App.

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Keep your field staff safe by implementing our latest social distancing job approval features.

Zero Contact Job Approval Methods

Notify Customers Before Technician's Arrive

Social Distancing on the Job

Set On-site Questionnaires & Triggers

Zero Contact Social Distancing Job Approval Features - Keep Field Staff Safe!

Eworks Manager's Job Approval Features have helped many service-based companies continue business and enabling them to keep mobile workers safe.

Eworks Manager's cloud-based mobile system reduces the need for hand-to-hand contact. Eliminating paperwork is a smart way to keep your field staff safe and reduce the spread of Covid-19 infections. Eworks Manager will save you time and give you access to all your documents and certificates from your device. Field staff can fill out paperwork on-site using our Mobile App.

It is the best time to choose a system that allows you to work remotely, go paperless, ensure your field and office staff's safety, and stay in contact with your customers. If all the above checks all your boxes, and you are looking for a safe way to work and keep field staff safe, consider Eworks Manager's Field Management Software.

Maintain social distancing between Field Staff and Customers!

See how you and your staff can practice safe distancing in the work environment with mobile job approval features.

Notify your customers before your field staff arrive on-site

Send an alert to your customers before your technician arrives. This gives customers time to prepare and receive your technician.

We encourage businesses to maintain health and safety precautions during this pandemic, protecting field staff and your customers.

Set up Questionnaires to ensure staff continue to follow social distancing and hygiene protocols

Our Field Management system lets you create Questionnaires for any of your field operatives to fill in once they arrive on-site or for customers to fill in for feedback. This questionnaire feature is a useful tool to ensure that every staff member follows the Health and Safety regulations daily. For example, the questionnaire could ask your team if they are wearing the necessary safety wear when they arrive on-site. Questionnaires are excellent for gathering additional information from each job, field worker, or customer.

Text Message Approval Method

Our new Text Message Approval Method lets you send your customer a text message from the system or App, after you have completed a job.

You can send clients the approval link to approve and view the job you have recently completed.

Get your jobs approved with ZERO contact.

Audio Approval Method

We have a new Audio Approval Method that records your customer verbally approving your job.

This feature records 10 seconds of audio, which will be added to your job attachments and accessed at any time from any device.

The Audio Approval lets you get your jobs approved with ZERO contact.

Email Approval Method

Our latest Email Approval Method gives you the option to send your customer an email of your completed job for their approval.

Customers can view all job details and sign their approval from their email.

All of our job approval methods will help you get jobs approved with ZERO contact.

Field Management Software for the Service Industry FAQs

1What is Field Management Software?
A full-featured Field Management System should assist your business in creating, managing, and tracking your jobs more efficiently. Storing all of your information in one system improves transparency and streamlines your workflow. Our system is integrated with the Eworks Manager Mobile App, which means that every action taken in the field automatically updates the admin system. This integration helps admin staff promptly attend to issues that may arise.
2How will Field Management Software benefit my business?
Our full-featured system automates your entire business and streamlines your company's workflow. When you store all company information and customer liaison in one system, it provides a complete overview of your company's standings, profits, and customer satisfaction. Our Social Distancing Job Approval Features ensures your staff keep safe and provides the necessary questionnaires to ensure health and safety guidelines are followed at all time, reducing downtime.
3How will Field Management Software benefit me as an Employer?
As the employer, you will have a whole range of responsibilities to oversee to make sure everything operates as efficiently as possible. Our Field Management Software offers everything you need, from assigning jobs, sending out quotes, tracking your mobile engineers to invoicing. Our software is also accessible on any mobile device via our Mobile App. The App keeps you in contact with all of your staff in the field.
4How will Field Management Software benefit my field operatives?
Our system eliminates paperwork so that your team can spend more time getting jobs done. Our mobile app can store all of your important documents that your mobile users may need on hand, as well as keeping office staff updated on the status of jobs in real-time.
5What can I do with Field Management Software?

Create jobs or job sheets and assign jobs to a project or multiple trade jobs. The Eworks Manager Workforce Planning Software has a virtual whiteboard that provides access to see all your team's jobs that have been scheduled, past, current, and future.

Monitor your staff, assets, inventory, and sales. Our system can completely transform the way you do business.

6Can I track my jobs in real-time?
Real-time job tracking helps you react immediately to any issues that happen in the field. The ability to know exactly where your mobile users are at all times allows reactive jobs to be assigned to the closest mobile user.
7Can I monitor my workforce?
Our Employee Monitoring Software tracks your field operatives' current locations and then gives them directions to their next jobs.
8Does Field Management Software improve efficiency?
Eworks Manager's Field Management Software was developed to enhance your entire business's productivity for you and your team. The most notable benefit of our software is that of helping your business go paperless. The system is available via the Admin System, which is typically used by admin staff, and the Mobile App created for your team of mobile engineers. The App enables mobile users to send out quotes, log jobs, and more. With everything controlled within one App, they can focus on completing their jobs.

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