Work Management Software: A Digital Tool to Improve Your Business

Eworks Manager’s Work Management Software is an all-in-one management tool that can help you create and assign tasks, track your employees' working hours, plan job schedules, and generate reports.

Plan, Track, Manage, and Organise your Work with Eworks Manager’s Work Management Software

A Single Place to Manage your Customer Information

Our CRM Software is integrated into our Field Management Software so that you can easily manage your customer information from a single place. Our system allows you to pull quotes, jobs, and invoices for each customer. You can also find out those clients who are making you money and those who have repeat issues.

Keep an Eye on your Inventory Levels

Eworks Manager’s Inventory Management Software lets you track and manage your inventory. Our system makes sure that you do not understock or overstock any item in your inventory by allowing you to view your inventory levels via our live dashboards. You can use our multi-location support to make sure that your warehouses are never out of stock.

Keep a Detailed History of Client Interactions

Our CRM Software helps you improve communication between your team and your customers by keeping a record of all the dealings done with the customers. Our system allows you to capture telephonic conversations to have a detailed history of all client interactions.

Minimise Fuel and Travel Costs

You can easily locate your mobile workers via the live map of our vehicle tracking system. Our system helps you save fuel and travel costs by assigning a new job to the worker who is the closest to the job site. You are notified when your worker is on-route, on-site, and when they complete a job via the automatic updates generated by our system.

No More Lost Data

Eworks Manager’s Field Management Software provides unlimited cloud storage so that you never lose any of your data. Our file management system helps you store your documents and photos of jobs, helping you get rid of paperwork.

Track the Tasks and Jobs Linked to Each Customer

Our CRM Software helps you keep an eye on all the customer dealings within your business. Our system allows you to create alerts for the tasks and jobs associated with each customer. These alerts can notify you about different job actions like your customer creating a job via the customer portal, your worker arriving on-site, and many others.

Disable Vehicle Tracking after Office Hours

Eworks Manager’s Vehicle Tracking System lets you calculate the working hours of your mobile workers accurately by allowing you to deactivate vehicle tracking after office hours.

If you do not turn off vehicle tracking after office hours, this will result in inaccurate calculation of the working hours of your mobile workers and will not give your workers the freedom they need when off duty.

Carry your Documents Wherever you Go

Our mobile app allows you to upload and attach documents to your jobs. Once the documents have been uploaded, you can access them via our mobile app, no matter where you are.

Generate Job Sheets Automatically

Eworks Manager’s Field Management Software lets you automate the process of job sheet generation. Once job information has been captured, our system uses the job information to generate job sheets. This helps you to save time and eliminate paperwork from your business life.

Keep Track of your Inventory

Our Inventory Management Software generates reports for you that you can use to identify the future demands of your clients. You are notified about the items available in your inventory via alerts generated by our system. These alerts help you to make sure that you have the required stock all the time.

Manage your Fleet Efficiently

You can easily track and monitor your fleet by using the playback feature of our vehicle tracking system. You can find out where your fleet has been all day, helping you understand your customers’ issues in a better way so that you can increase the productivity of your business.

Improve Communication with your Customers

Our CRM Software integrates with Outlook, helping you improve communication with your clients. Our system makes sure that emails are synced and stored against clients so that none of your data is misplaced.

Manage your Business Smartly

Eworks Manager’s Task Management Software offers you comprehensive reporting features that you can use to analyse and manage your business in a better way. Our system generates different reports for you like Job Reports, User TimeSheet Reports, Invoice Reports, and many others.

Eworks Manager’s Work Management Software is a great management tool that can help you to streamline your business.

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