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Field Management Software - Manage Work Orders, Project and Job Sheets with our Job Scheduling Tool

Plan and manage your service calls, maintenance, and installations with our Field Management Software

With Eworks Manager's Job Scheduling System, you can track and access detailed information for each job from our Admin System or Mobile App. With the ability to proactively adjust your field staff's workload and access appointment status, while the technician is still on-site, the amount of admin is significantly reduced, and customer satisfaction increases dramatically. Your mobile workers can complete work orders electronically with digital job sheets and access any documents needed to complete the work immediately, directly from their mobile device.

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Track your Jobs and Field Team in Real-Time

Our real-time updates keep your office staff up to speed with all the jobs going on in the field. With live job progress, you know precisely when a field worker is available to take on another job. Our map-view also allows you to know exactly where your workers are and where they have been. This becomes especially handy when emergency jobs come in.

Distribute Appointments Directly to Your Staff

Work Orders, Projects, and Job Sheets can be created from the Admin System or Mobile App. Once a work order has been created, appointments can be made and scheduled directly to your team and displayed in our live calendar view. Our Job Scheduling System allows you to see your entire team's schedule, making the scheduling of multiple users and multiple jobs that much easier.

SMS and Push Notification Alerts

Our Triggers feature allows you to set up customized notifications to your customers and staff. With customers being kept informed on the technician being on their way or the progress of the job, we improve the first time fix rate. Technicians receive notifications of new work order immediately via the Mobile App, with details of the newly assigned appointment.

Improve Customer Interaction & Satisfaction

With our Mobile App able to capture job-specific notes, photos, documents, and specifications, a full history of all site actions is available. This ensures field workers understand all the intricacies regarding a job before entering the site. Customer approvals can be done on-site via SMS, email, audio, or signature from the Mobile App, and the signed off job sheet can be sent directly to the client for their records.

Our Comprehensive Management Reports give you the productivity and profitability information you need to determine who your loyal customers are, who is spending money with you, and who needs that extra bit of attention.

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Field Management Software FAQs

1What is Field Management Software?

Field Management Software helps companies deliver effective on-site service delivery by tracking requests, managing staff, and maintaining visibility of operations. Standard field service software features include:

  • Work order management
  • Scheduling
  • Inventory management
2How does a Job Scheduling Tool work?
It's not just planning, dispatching, or managing staff and jobs. This software includes everything from customers to schedules to staff and invoicing. This makes it easy to ensure that all jobs are completed on time and that the client is satisfied with the work.
3Can a Field Service Software help with paperwork?
The right Field Service Software can help with dreaded paperwork. Our software is fully customizable and allows you to organize all your invoicing and quotes. While on a job, you can update the customer with the cost. Your field staff will also be able to make changes in the field as and when they happen.

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