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Task Manager App

task manager app

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Online Task Manager App for Businesses

When you work in a busy environment, having a Task Manager App in place allows you to keep on top of all your jobs and staff workload. Whether it is managing a team within a large project, planning your working week or simply remembering your partners birthday, knowing all your tasks is key to any business. And that’s where Eworks Manager comes in!

We split This Into 3 Areas

General Tasks

With Eworks Tasks you can manage all your jobs and appointments. You can also assign tasks to other users. All the tasks are managed via the Task Centre and are categorized by when they are due. You can also set reminders and alerts.

Lead Tasks

Within our leads sections, our software for task management helps the sales team set up tasks for meetings, demos and call backs. This can also create a pop-up alert to make sure you never forget that important call or email.

Job Specific Tasks

Whether you are quoting for work, planning a job, or invoicing for completed works you can create specific tasks that can be managed within our task centre. When dealing with a specific job, these are linked with the relevant reference numbers and can be actioned quickly and efficiently.

If you would like to find out more about the Eworks Task Manager App, please get in touch with a member of our support team and we can set up a free online demo to show you how this works!

View Assigned Tasks

View tasks that have been assigned to you from your office team

Alert Office When Tasks Have Been Done

Send over a message to your office team to alert them the task has been complete

Manage Jobs Efficiently

Keep organised with your assigned jobs when tasks come in regarding a particular job

Keep Everything In One System

With tasks, you can keep everything all within one place so you don’t miss a thing!