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Switch to Cleaning Staff Management Software & Maximize Earning Potential

Eworks Manager's Cleaning Staff Management Software is an easy-to-use software designed specifically for cleaning and hygiene companies. It is an all-in-one management solution that can help you increase your cleaning business's growth, profitability, and efficiency while allowing you to align your operations with your customer's high expectations.

Streamline and Grow your Cleaning Business by Switching to the Eworks Manager's Cleaning Staff Management Software

Schedule and Manage Jobs with Ease

Eworks Manager's Job Management Software allows you to assign jobs to your workers with ease. You can easily assign jobs to your cleaners, and then your cleaners can sync their work schedules to their calendars by using our Mobile App. The cleaners' information in their calendars includes:

  • The job number.
  • The client, along with the address.
  • The current status of their appointment.

All of this information helps to avoid any kinds of confusion or doubts among the cleaners.

Create Estimates via the Mobile App

You do not need to be in the office to create estimates, as this can be quickly done on-site by using our Mobile Job Scheduling App. There are several templates available in the app that you can use to create mobile estimates, and you can choose the template that suits your company.

After completing estimates, you can either print them out or send them to your customers through email. Our system also allows you to convert the estimates that you have created into jobs.

Create and Manage Recurring Jobs

Our Scheduling Software helps you to schedule and manage recurring jobs. You can create a recurring appointment by selecting a specific recurrence rule. Our system will automatically create jobs based on the recurrence rule you used to create the recurrence job. You can set your appointments to recur every day, week, or month. You can select the recurrence rule that suits your business requirements.

Ensure the Safety of your Cleaners by Creating Questionnaires

Our Cleaning Management Software allows you to create questionnaires by using the Questionnaire feature to ensure that your cleaners follow the health and safety protocols while they are out in the field. Your cleaners can fill in the field service questionnaires once they reach their job site and can also be used by your clients to give their valuable feedback. The questionnaire feature is a great tool to collect information about each job.

Monitor your Team and your Jobs

Our Cleaning Staff Management Software helps you keep track of your cleaners and your jobs. Our system offers Vehicle Tracking and Workforce Planning Software features that you can use to track your cleaners in real-time. Our software sends alerts to your clients to notify them when the cleaners are on their way to the job site.

The Live Panel of our system helps you to track and monitor the progress of your jobs. Whenever a cleaner attaches documents or images to the job or makes some other changes, the system automatically updates the changes. Such efficient tracking and monitoring of your team and your jobs helps you streamline your business and increase its productivity.

Wave goodbye to complicated scheduling and inefficient management by introducing Eworks Manager's Cleaning Staff Management Software to your cleaning business. Our software helps you schedule jobs, create and manage estimates, create recurring jobs, ensure the safety of your cleaners, and track and monitor your team in real-time.

Start the 14-day free trial of our software and explore the endless possibilities to grow your cleaning business.

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