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Field Service Questionnaire - Create Client Feedback Forms and Ensure Your Team is Working Safely in the Field

Get Feedback from Clients and Your Field Operatives!

With the Eworks Manager Field Service Questionnaire feature, you can collect valuable client feedback to assess service levels and nurture customer loyalty. Field questionnaires are also an efficient way to manage your workforce and customer experience by providing a custom set of questions that allows for commentary on work provided and overall experience.

Maintain Service Levels and Get Feedback from Staff and Clients

Your Workforce can fill out Questionnaires from the Mobile App.
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Creating Questionnaire Forms on the Admin System

This is a simple and effective feature that can help you get additional feedback from jobs and customers. Questionnaires can be categorized by type and assigned to jobs by their appointment type. Each questionnaire can be given a description to provide more details and have up to 10 questions, of which each question can be set as compulsory or not. Once completed, questionnaires can be previewed within the CRM section of the Admin System and assigned to users or customers you want to fill out the forms.

Create Client Feedback Forms

Create feedback forms for your clients to fill in on-site before signing off the job. The questionnaire feature helps ensure that service levels are being met on-site and boosts customer engagement by requesting them to rate your services.

Clients can answer questions about the service and enter their signatures on the Mobile App. You can create customized questions for your staff and customers with different input values like checkboxes, drop-down lists, and signature or text fields.

Field Service Questionnaires can be used to ensure staff follow guidelines

Set up questionnaire forms for your mobile users to fill out on-site. This ensures that every employee follows the Health and Safety regulations daily. Your admin staff can also use the questionnaires to inform your field workers of additional instructions on-site.

For example, a questionnaire could ask field workers if they are wearing safety gear when they arrive on-site. Our questionnaire feature is excellent for gathering additional data from each job, employee, or customer.

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Field Service Questionnaire FAQs

1Where can my staff access questionnaires?
The Admin System is used to create the questionnaires. Your team will be able to access the questionnaires from the Mobile App. Your field service questionnaire will be linked to your jobs and can be filled out on-site.
2Can a questionnaire provide quality evidence or data?

You can use both open or closed questions when creating a Field Service Questionnaire to collect data that will get more extensive information from your mobile users or customers.

Questionnaires can help support service quality, and feedback from clients can give helpful insights for your business.

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