Project Management Software

Project Management Software

Project Management Software

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Manage and plan all your projects in our system with our project management software!

Managing your projects has never been so easy!

Managing a project correctly could make or break a business. Being able to track costings from day 1 all the way through to completion is vital. Our online project management software allows you to manage these jobs all in one place.

See below for a glimpse of what our system can do!

  • Create jobs, projects & job sheets from the admin system or the app
  • View your staff on our map with built in tracking
  • Create appointments for your staff by viewing their diaries
  • Never lose track of a job as all uncompleted jobs will require actions
  • Use SMS feature to alert your customer the operative is on his way
  • Use SMS feature to notify your operative about a new job
  • Send jobs straight to invoice immediately once they have been completed onsite
  • Attach Photos and job specifications to jobs
  • View notes and logging on the history of a job so you don’t miss a thing
  • Obtain a signature from the customer on the APP for approval and confirmation of a job
  • Email / Print your job sheets directly to your client for their records
  • Comprehensive management reports available

You can set the parameters of the project and then simply start creating your jobs for your workers. Plan these jobs out and everything that happens will be reported back to you. You will be able to see all job costings, related Purchase Orders, any expenses that have been captured, profit per job and a percentage breakdown. Get in touch today to find out more!