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Automate Jobs to Maintain Your Assets

Monitor Asset Health with a Full Asset History

Forward Schedule Your Workforce with the Project Planner

Attach Asset-Specific Documents to Your Assets

Asset Management Software - Manage, Create and Maintain Assets with a System Built For Your Field Service Business

Increase Your Asset Profitability by Organizing and Managing from One System With The Eworks Manager Asset Management Software.

Eworks Manager’s Asset Management Software provides you with a complete asset lifecycle management tool to create and maintain recurring jobs or service, dispatch priority work orders, automate invoices, and track historical assets data. We provide a valuable solution to fit your needs, from internal office equipment and fleet vehicles to customer equipment assets.

It is fully integrated as a feature of our Field Service Management System as an end-to-end workflow solution. With a few clicks of a button, you can view all your assets, jobs, services, and asset components all in one system, which improves workflow and makes life a lot easier.

Organize Your Company and Customer Assets!

Make Asset Management a profitable part of your business.
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Automate Jobs to Maintain Assets

Eworks Manager's Scheduling Software lets you schedule recurring maintenance jobs against your assets. You can create a recurrence rule within the system, and our system will automatically create scheduled jobs to ensure you never miss a maintenance job for any of your assets.

Monitor Your Asset Health with a Full Asset History

Our Asset Management Software keeps a full history of your assets and the actions against them. The system will keep an asset maintenance history and schedule recurring maintenance tasks to keep your assets running smoothly.

Attach Documents against your Assets on the System

Attach asset-specific files and certificates to your assets and keep up with compliance standards. Complete and verify maintenance inspections and warranty service documentation and have your field operatives fill out compliance certificates against assets while in the field using our Mobile App.

Forward Schedule Your Workforce with the Time Planner

Planning your jobs in advance helps you keep on track of demand, work orders, and recurring maintenance contracts. Our software will help your business maintain assets effectively, as well as organize your assets for dispatching. You can easily assign assets to jobs from the system, and the field technician can view all the asset information from the Mobile App.

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Asset Management Software FAQs

1What is Asset Management Software used for?
Our Asset Management Software was developed to manage and keep track of assets like equipment and machinery. It is a system where you can capture specific details around these assets to maintain them properly.
Our system also allows you to schedule or create jobs against assets to carry out reactive maintenance on time. Our asset management system lets you update an asset's location as and when it is moved; therefore, an asset is never lost.
2How Can an Asset Management Solution Help Your Business?

When you have all asset information logged in the system, nothing is left up to chance. With a click of a button, you will have access to vital information. Store and categorize your assets to increase productivity as your staff won't have to search for information when creating a job for an asset.

Use the system to track assets on your site or your customer's site and ensure that unexpected costs and legal implications can be avoided if inspectors ever examine anything. Add custom fields and update them against assets after each job. When an asset is serviced and the custom fields are updated from the Mobile App, the data is saved and stored on the system.

3Can an Asset Management System be customized?
Your Eworks Manager system is for you and your business alone, so you should be able to customize it how you see fit. Our software lets you add custom fields and tags to organize assets. Our software is also fully compatible with mobile and tablet devices, so you can stay updated no matter where your job is.

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