Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software

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Benefits of Asset Management Software:

  • Decrease overhead and increase revenue generation
  • Complete timeline of historical data
  • Locate and track with barcode
  • Complete and verify maintenance inspection and warranty service documentation
  • Keep track of demand work orders and recurring maintenance contracts
  • Maintain assets easily and effectively
  • Organize assets for proactive evaluation of profitability
  • Minimize unnecessary spend and reduce risk

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Eworks Asset Management Software empowers you with a complete asset lifecycle management tool to create and maintain recurring jobs or service, dispatch priority work orders, automate invoices and track historical assets data. From internal office equipment, fleet vehicles to customer equipment assets,  we provide a valuable solution to fit your needs. It is fully integrated as a feature of our Job Management System as an end-to-end workflow solution.  it is fully integrated in our job management system! With a few clicks of a button you can view all your assets, jobs, services and asset components all in one system which improves workflow and makes life a lot easier.

Automate Jobs

Automate your jobs to maintain your assets

Attach files

Asset specific files can be viewed for all your jobs

Advanced Options

Engineers have the ability to see what has happened in the past.

Plan schedules

Planning your projects allows you to forward schedule your workforce