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Eworks Manager is the perfect Staff Management Software to have for your HR department as you can easily manage your employees all within one system.

With Eworks Manager, you can conveniently keep in touch with your staff by sending them messages, assign them tasks with our task center feature, and set triggers for when a job has been completed!

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Full Employee Job Visibility

Manage your staff effectively with our Time Planner feature on the admin system and have a full view of what your team has planned for the day. This allows you to plan reactive maintenance and spend more time on your business! With our color-coding, you can quickly determine the status of each job; for example, red is canceled, green is completed, etc. Also, all jobs can easily be dragged and dropped into your mobile worker\'s planners, which will then be waiting for them on the Mobile App to accept.

Allocate Appointments Based on Staff's Live Location

With our GEO map view, you can see where all your workers are and, when you receive a job, we let you know who the closest mobile worker is to the appointment. You can then see if this person is available and assign them to that appointment; otherwise, you can choose the next nearest field worker.

HR Reporting Features Available

We have many reports available on our system, which will be beneficial for your HR department. It is easy to see who your most productive workers are and who the most profitable workers are. Extensive reports can be created, including Job Summary, Invoice Summary, User Timesheet Reports, Holiday reports, Profit reports per user, and more!

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Employee Management Software FAQs

1What is Staff Management Software?
Employee Management Software is defined as a set of employee management tools that a business needs to manage staff information, engagement, and performance, and drive more value to the company.
2What software do HR use?
HR software is sometimes called Worker Management Software, Human Capital Management and Staff Management Software. As much as each term sounds different, they all refer to a system a company uses to effectively manage staff.
3What can I do with Worker Management Software?
Worker Management Software allows businesses to gather, store, view and maintain staff information all in one place. It provides a flexible solution to manage, and communicate with staff and maximize employee management. It puts all of your HR essentials into one unified piece of software.

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