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File Management System - A Digital Document Management System with Unlimited Cloud Storage

Unlimited Cloud-Based Storage for all of Your Company Digital Documents and Records in One Secure System

Digitize your documents or compliance certificates and attached them to any jobs you may require. Field engineers can complete forms while on-site via our Mobile App. The file manager gives you the security in know you will never lose paperwork again. You can also set reminders to take future action on documents if needed. You can correct any completed forms, print, or email them directly to customers or your workforce in our Admin System. Capture client signatures digitally and store essential documents in one central system.

Store All of Your Business Documents in One Efficient Online System

Keep Your Custom Company Documents and Records Safe.
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Digital Document Management System

Eworks Manager's support team will show you how to use the Digital Document Manager. Now, you will be managing and uploading your digital documents to the system in no time! We also have help videos on the system to guide you every step of the way.

With this feature, you can track and report on all your documents digitally, and prevent the loss of any essential files! Everything is automatically stored in the system, making it easy to print and email from one place.

Store All Your Company Files, Certificates and Documents with Unlimited Cloud Storage

Our system has unlimited cloud storage so that your company never has to worry about losing information, documents, or job history. The system is based online, so you never have to worry about saving files locally on your PC or managing filing and heaps of paperwork. Store all of your documents and attachments in our Digital File Manager.

Client communications can be imported on to the system using our Outlook Integration

Eworks Manager integrates with Outlook and imports emails directly from Outlook into your Eworks Manager account against a customer. You can keep all communications between you and your clients in one system with our Outlook plugin.

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File Management System FAQs

1What are the perks of having an Digital Document Management System?

Switching to a Digital Document Management System improves security and compliance. One of the most notable benefits is the indexing and organizing of files.

Eworks Manager's File Management System is cloud-based, meaning you can instantly retrieve documents from anywhere, you gain disaster protection, and eliminate paper while saving money.

2What is a digital document management system?
As you might have guessed, a Digital Document Management System converts your general paper-based filing systems into a digital format, which makes it much easier to search for and store your company documents.

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