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Stay On Top Of Your Jobs With SLA Tracking Software

Eworks Manager's Service Level Agreement Tracking Software is specifically designed to help you monitor and manage your field service business effectively.

You can use the SLA tracking software to set customizable triggers to get notified about the progress of your jobs and for the effective scheduling of your appointments.

Streamline your Business Operations by Switching to Eworks Manager's SLA Tracking Software

Never Miss a Deadline

Eworks Manager's Job Sheet Software allows you to set up alerts so that you never miss any deadline. You can set up trigger notifications in your system to instantly notify you when anything is running late. Triggers will assist you with keeping your jobs on track and your clients satisfied. Whenever a deadline is near, your team can be reminded about it so that they can complete the assigned tasks within the time limit.

Set Customizable Triggers

Our SLA Tracking Software of Eworks Manager lets you set customizable triggers. You can use triggers to receive notifications whenever a customer creates a new job using the customer login portal. You can customize the triggers according to your choice, like you can set a time and date when you want to receive the notification.

Keep your Workforce Updated Throughout The Day Using Triggers

Triggers keep your workforce in the field connected to the office. You can quickly notify your field staff whenever a new job is assigned to them, changes are made to a job, or when your team need to leave their job site. You can easily keep yourself and your team updated about job progress using triggers. Whenever a change occurs within a job, you can immediately get a notification.

A Single System to Manage Everything

Our Field Management Software allows you to manage every aspect of your business from a single system. Manage your team and keep your admin staff updated on job progress by setting up trigger notifications. Whenever a new job comes in, or there is some change in the assigned task, your team will know about it immediately through a pop-up message.

Track and Manage your Assets and Inventory

With the help of the SLA Tracking Software, you can easily manage your assets and inventory. Assets are an essential part of a business, so to grow your business, you need to make sure that your assets are running smoothly at all times. Setting triggers in advance will ensure that your properties are always serviced on time and under warranty.

Keep your Customers Happy and Satisfied

If you are the owner of a field service business or trades business, you know how important it is to keep your customers updated about the progress of their assigned job.

Our system helps you keep your clients satisfied by notifying them as soon as a technician is on route to the job site, arrives on-site, and when they have completed the job. Customers can also access an overview of their job's progress via the Eworks Manager Customer Login Portal within our CRM System.

Track your Invoices by Setting up Alerts

Our system allows you to set up alerts so that you can easily track and manage your invoices. As soon as a job is completed, the system will notify you about it. After receiving the alert, your admin team can create the invoice for the job and immediately send it to the client. You can also set up alerts to notify you about the invoices that have not been paid within the time limit so that you can take the necessary actions to resolve the issue.

Keep Your Employees and Customers Updated at All Times with our all-in-one SLA Tracking Software. Try Eworks Manager for a 14-day free trial and see how our system can help your team!

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