CRM System

CRM System

CRM System

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Record Calls, Emails, Tasks, Notes, Complaints all in one system

CRM System

Customer Relationship Management made easy!

Benefits of the Eworks CRM System;

•Create customers and set their payments terms so you can track there contracts
•Customers can be imported into the system with a simple import facility from most other systems
•Allow discounts for individual customers, these can be applied automatically to your costings
•Have products or SORs for individual customers, allowing you to construct individual price lists
•Export customer information for use in other programs via our export feature
•Marketing feature available for you to market to your existing customers, simple export into mailchimp
•Customer login – customers can login and view the progress of there jobs. They can create new jobs for you, and approve invoices to speed up payments. This feature will need to be enabled for each client by you if required. You will have unlimited customer logins free of charge
•Having the facility to track CALLS, EMAILS, TASKS, NOTES, COMPLAINTS all in one place. WHether this is job specific or in general
•Outlook integration – Eworks Manager has an outlook plugin that you can send any emails directly from outlook into your Eworks account.
•You can manage all your customers site addresses, and contacts for easy communication.

If you would like to find out more about our CRM System, please get in touch with a member of our team and book in a free online demo of the system! 

Manage Communications

Manage all communications relating to a job, invoice or quote and view all history within one system

Attach Emails, Calls & Complaints

With our outlook integration, you can attach any emails that may come in from your customer regarding a job, invoice or quote and calls and complaints made