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Scheduling Tool - Assign Jobs to Your Field Operatives with Our Appointment Scheduling App

An Online Appointment Scheduling Tool Designed to Manage and Streamline Your Employee Work Schedules.

Scheduling and assigning jobs to your employees has been simplified with an easy drag-and-drop function. Eworks Manager's system planner has a calendar view that displays all the jobs scheduled for your entire staff. Mobile users can manage their own assigned jobs and accept or decline jobs from the app. They can also create and schedule jobs for themselves!

Our Appointment Scheduling App allows your mobile users to join other jobs that other engineers may be working on. This tool lends itself to a faster, more efficient service, which keeps your customers happy. Your mobile users can check other workers' diaries by clicking onto the calendar feature, but only if they have been permitted to do so. With Eworks Manager, you have complete authority over what data can be shared between your employees!

Assign Your Staff's Jobs Faster and Smarter.

An Appointment Scheduling App that is highly effective and easy-to-use.
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Conflict-Free and Effective Job Planning

Our system's Time Planner is used to slot in and assign jobs to available employees. The Time Planner will sync your employees' jobs to the Mobile App for them to accept. Our system guarantees conflict-free schedules.

When you assign jobs to a field operative that already has a job for that time, the system will bring up a conflict notification. The system will ensure that employees are never double-booked for appointments.

The Admin System Calendar syncs to Your Mobile App

Eworks Manager's Mobile App syncs your employees' schedules with the calendar from the system. The calendar view on the app lets them view the jobs and appointments that have been scheduled for them for the month. The job details also show on the app, including the job number, appointment times, the customer address details, and the job appointment status.

Allocate Jobs to the Nearest Available Worker

The Mobile App shares the live location of each of your field operatives. You can use the Geo Planner on the system to assign jobs and appointments to the closest and next available field worker. This Geo Planner's purpose is to ensure you assign jobs as efficiently and economically possible.

Mobile Users Can Manage Their Schedules Independently

Your mobile users can add jobs to their schedules and join other jobs that co-workers may be working on. The app allows for faster, more efficient service and assures that your employees keep customers satisfied.

Your mobile users can also check other workers' diaries by clicking onto the calendar feature if they have been permitted to do so. With Eworks Manager, you are in charge of what data can be shared between your employees!

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Scheduling Tool FAQs

1Who uses the Scheduling Tool?

The Scheduling Tool is an easy-to-use feature on the system, typically used by managers, to create employees' schedules. It saves loads of time when assigning jobs to each worker, and it improves productivity.

This tool can also be used by technicians to add jobs for themselves on the app, saving admin staff time. This type of schedule allows for better job tracking and real-time job progress updates.

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