Scheduling System

Scheduling System

scheduling system

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Scheduling System - Instant Alerts

Eworks Manager triggers are automatic notifications that are setup in your system, so you will be alerted automatically when things run a little late or for example, if you would like to be notified when a customer creates a job via the customer login. You are in control when it comes to triggers as you can set a certain time and date as to when you would like to receive the trigger and when you would like your staff to.

You can send alerts to all your field workers about jobs that they are working on and at the same time alert customers and send them a message on the status of their jobs, which they can then view on the customer portal log in.

Benefits of Triggers:

  • Keep organised
  • Keep your workforce coordinated
  • Be alerted when a job has been assigned to a user
  • Keep track of leads
  • Be aware of all events within one system
  • Decide from our list of triggers on what you would like to be notified for
  • Keep track of your customer’s activity on Eworks
  • Be notified on overdue invoices
  • Keep track of activity on jobs

Send notifications and tasks to all staff across the board to send them reminders on their daily tasks and set goals if certain tasks are not being met.

Eworks Manager will help you achieve maximum profit from your company’s products and services and will take the stress away from your daily working life as everything is within one system and with our handy alerts solution, you can take complete control of your company. We are always open to new development ideas also, so if you require a custom trigger, just pop us over an email and we can let you know if it’s possible or not, all you need to do is ask, we don’t bite!


Track overdue jobs, invoices and quotes

Attach files

Attach images to notifcations

Advanced Options

Set up who you would like to be notified


Chase awaiting payments and in progress quotes