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Assign Assets with Installation Notes

Monitor Asset Health with History

Attach Files & Photos to Assets

Maintain Assets with Recurring Jobs

Mobile Assets - Keep track of your assets and their full maintenance history with our Asset Management App

Manage your Mobile Assets while maintaining their health and service schedule

Asset Management involves managing and developing the asset distribution, maintenance, and utilization of assets within a business. With Eworks Manager, you can easily plan your maintenance and make asset management a successful part of your business, from your mobile device!

You can view asset information on the Mobile App while on the move, allowing you to understand all aspects of a maintenance job before you arrive on-site.

Maintain Company & Customer Assets with Ease

Efficient Asset Management from any mobile device.
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Track & Manage Assets based on their History

You don’t need the Admin System to view asset information. You can search for an asset on the Mobile App with our search filter and gather any necessary information while on a job or on-route to a job. Asset history makes it easy to determine where your assets are and what maintenance has been carried out on it.

Attach Documents or Certificates to Assets

Attach files, photos, and certificates to your assets and ensure industry compliance standards are maintained throughout an asset's useful lifecycle. Our Asset Management App allows you to capture everything from your mobile device, ensuring no paperwork is forgotten or misplaced.

Assign Assets to Jobs and Follow Them Through to Billing

Assets can be added to a job while on the move, which saves you relying on the admin staff to make these changes. They can also be assigned to estimates at the beginning of a project, added to a job, and then invoiced. This ensures no asset is ever lost, and costs are always tracked for billing purposes. With all this in mind, our system can save you time and money in managing your assets, which every business wants.

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Mobile Assets FAQs

1What is a Mobile Asset Management App?
Mobile Assets Management is based on the management and tracking of equipment and machinery. An Asset Management App allows you to capture specific details about your assets, making sure even the small details are not missed.
2How can a Mobile Asset Management App help my business?
Having all asset information captured in one system means there is no going back and forth between systems search for information, and subsequently losing data. With a tap of a finger, you have access to any asset information that may be necessary. Being able to categorize and store your asset information safely and securely in the cloud increases productivity due to hassle-free searches when creating a maintenance job for an asset. By using our system to track your assets, you ensure that unexcepted costs and legal implications are minimized. Custom fields allow you to customize the information captured for each asset. Whether your fieldworker needs to record temperature, input a date, or select from a list or dropdown. Every time a service is done on an asset, all information captured is synced and stored in the cloud.

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