The Field Service Management Software Solution For Your Business

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The Field Service Management Software Solution For Your Business

Field Management Software Solution

Eworks Manager provides a simple solution to complex field service management. Comprised of two key elements, our web-based administrative system and mobile application allows you to manage every aspect of your workflow from estimate to invoice, monitor performance, reduce deficiencies, and maximize profitability within one system.


Estimates with Ease

Creating and managing an estimate is a vital first step in any business process. Making use of antiquated methods not only creates a passive workforce but could hinder your business from winning deals over your competitors. With Eworks you can produce a structured, professional looking and accurate estimate without the delay of calculating costs or figuring out formulas. Archive, duplicate, categorize and access all estimates without filling your desktop with a copious number of files. The mobile application can assist those needing to complete an on-site assessment before compiling an estimate by simply selecting the respective items needed for the job and clicking save.


Schedule and Track Jobs

A clear and accessible line of communication between your office and field staff drastically reduces workflow deficiencies – unnecessary check-in’s, missing documentation and astray field workers. The automation of a field service management system ensures your workers are assigned the correct jobs automatically and ensures your office is aware of the status of each.  An intelligent system lessens the administrative role by means of the mobile application element, allowing your field workers to complete digital job sheets, customer surveys and add images to the job while on-site. Assigning work closest to each field worker through the Geo Planner will reduce time on the road and your monthly fuel consumption.


Manage your Invoicing

Staying in control of incoming and outgoing payments is an essential part of maximizing your business’ profitability. Eworks provides a full featured financial module to capture and monitor all billable and non-billable expenses as well as customer and supplier invoices. The functionality of the mobile application allows your field staff to capture their expenses immediately, ensuring proactivity all round.  It is no longer a waiting game.  Eworks has an automatic statement feature which makes sure all invoices are included in a monthly statement for your customer – all you need to do is click send. Eworks integrates with Sage, Quickbooks Online and Xero, giving you various options to make your move to Eworks seamless.


There are many ways to empower your business, one of them should be making use of an intelligent piece of software to guide you, your staff and their workflow in the same direction, but still leaving the control in your hands.


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