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Questionnaires for your Field Operatives

Ensure all employees have their required equipment and are following safety practice guidelines

Essential Workers are operating under pressure during the COVID-19 pandemic, making sure that citizens' needs are being met. With that being said, who is keeping those workers safe? Are they being protected with equipment, masks or gloves? How are companies making sure that proper health and safety precautions are being practiced daily?

Eworks Manager's Field Service Management System has given companies all over the globe the opportunity to work remotely and go paperless. During this time, our team is encouraging our clients to make use of the Questionnaire Feature on our system to help businesses make sure that all of their field operatives are following precautionary and protective measures when they are out in the field. Using this feature, you can create multiple questionnaires or 'checklists' for field operatives to fill in while they are on the job.

You can create a checklist for your field operatives to fill in and sign off at different stages of the jobs throughout the day.

The checklist or questionnaire is customizable. There are different inputs for questionnaires, such as test entries, select boxes, checkboxes, date selections, and signature fields. Our clients are currently utilizing this feature to create protective equipment checklists for their field operatives. For example, you can ask the field operative if they are wearing their face masks and gloves, or if they have sanitized their hands and vehicles. The Questionnaire Feature also allows you to set the checklist as 'mandatory', so that the field operative must fill it in for every job (which also reminds them to keep practicing these safety precautions).

You can print, email, and preview the questionnaires from the Eworks Manager system. The questionnaires can also be sent to customers straight from the system. The questionnaires can be made customer-specific, for example, you could ask your customers for feedback on your services, or if the field operatives have performed up to standard.

Eworks Manager has helped companies work remotely, keep their social distancing, eliminate paperwork, and keep field operatives safe. If you would like to find out more about our Field Service Management Software, please don't hesitate to give us a call. You can also try out our software today with our 14-day free trial!

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