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Route Optimization Software - GPS Routing Software that automatically plans your jobs for you

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Eworks Manager offers the very best in GPS Routing Software to automate the scheduling of your jobs. Our Auto Planning considers factors such as worker availability, skillset, cost, and other job requirements when scheduling your jobs and assigning operatives. With just a few clicks, our system can plan all your appointments for the next month in only a few minutes. Appointments can be scheduled for the most economical route or the fastest arrival time.

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Reduce Costs with Key Factors

Our Route Management Software allows you to choose which job types are to be scheduled automatically and gives you the ability to have these jobs planned for the quickest possible routes or the most economical. With this feature, our system automatically schedules certain job types for the most economical route, saving fuel costs. You can also have time-sensitive jobs planned for the fastest possible route for those jobs that need to meet specific SLA requirements.

Route Scheduling based on Employees

Our Route Planning Software takes several critical elements into account when assigning a worker to a job. Things such as worker availability, including off days, the number of appointments scheduled for a mobile worker, and the job type best suited for that operative are all taken into account. This ensures that the best worker attends to every job and that no workers are overused.

Improve Productivity & Drive Efficiency

With all these factors, elements, and features our Auto Planning considers, it is no wonder that this feature is in such demand. The setup is quick and easy to adjust to suit your needs. Once set up, your jobs will be planned and assigned to your mobile workforce for the entire month. Due to the economical and fastest route settings, which were extended from our Route Planning feature, you can get more jobs completed in a day, improve productivity, increase profits, and completely change the way you do business.

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Route Management Software FAQs

1What is Route Optimization?
Route Optimization is the process of working out the most cost-effective route. It is a bit more complicated than simply finding the shortest path between two points. It includes all the relevant factors, such as the number and location of all required stops on-route.
2How does Route Scheduling Software work?
GPS Routing Software allows managers to plan workers' routes and re-route them in real-time where necessary. Route Scheduling takes all aspects into account when planning jobs, from job type, location, and any SLA's which may apply.
3How do I optimise a route in the software?
Our Route Optimization feature is an advanced extension of our Route Planning feature's manual process, which shows you how best to schedule your jobs. Jobs can be scheduled as the most economical route or the quickest response. Our Route Optimization Software then takes over and plans your jobs for you in the most efficient way possible, enabling you to fit more jobs into a day, saving on fuel costs, and improving overall customer satisfaction.

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