Plan Jobs with ease using Task Management Software

Your clients expect error-free, exceptional service from you from the first call to the final sign-off. To accomplish this, you'll need an all-in-one management solution that can help you boost business efficiency, ensure quick responses and in real-time.

Drive Efficiency and Provide a Great Experience to your Customers with Eworks Manager's Task Management Software

Create and Manage Recurring Jobs

Eworks Manager's Field Service Management Software makes it simple and effective to plan recurring jobs. Create jobs that recur weekly, monthly, or annually with our recurring job feature. Our system will automatically create jobs for you based on the recurrence rule you selected once you've created a routine job by choosing a specific recurrence rule.

Plan Job Schedules Easily

Using the drag-and-drop feature in Eworks Manager's Appointment Scheduling Software, you can assign jobs to your employees. You simply drag and drop a job into your worker's calendar. You can also change the job's time range by clicking and holding the job box's edge. Our time planner feature assists you in avoiding confusion by allowing you to locate and assign new jobs to employees who are not currently working on other projects.

Track and Monitor your Workers and Jobs

Eworks Manager's Task Management Software allows you to keep track of your employees and track the progress of your tasks with real-time updates. Our system keeps you updated on the status of your jobs in real-time so that you can stay informed at all times.

With Eworks Manager's Employee Monitoring Software, you can use a map to track your employees and vehicles. Our system notifies you when your worker is on his way, how long he spends on each job, and when he leaves the job site.

Our Appointment Scheduling Software assists you in creating cost-effective job schedules by allowing you to locate and assign a new task to the worker closest to the job.

Keep your Customers Updated in Real-Time

Our Task Management Software allows you to send SMS and push notification alerts to your customers and employees at all times. Using our trigger feature, you can send notifications to your clients and employees. Our mobile app allows employees to see their assigned jobs and all the details of the tasks appointed to them.

Manage your Jobs Smartly

Eworks Manager makes it simple to keep track of all of your scheduled, unassigned recurring jobs. You can easily add scheduled jobs to your field worker's calendar using our appointment scheduling software. Effective tracking aids in the completion of assigned tasks within the time frame.

Deactivate Tracking after Office Hours

You can turn off tracking after office hours with the help of our employee monitoring software. If tracking continues after office hours, you will be unable to calculate working hours accurately, resulting in a large number of errors in the calculation.

Plan Economical Routes for your Jobs

Eworks Manager's Route Optimization Software helps you save money on gas and travel by allowing you to plan the most cost-effective and fastest routes for your jobs. This allows your workers to get to the job site faster while using less fuel.

Workers can streamline their jobs with our Mobile App

Our mobile app allows your employees to take job-specific notes, photos, and documents, as well as view an entire history of all site actions. Customer approvals can be obtained via our mobile app in a variety of ways, including SMS, email, audio, and signature. Using our admin system or our mobile app, you can create work orders, projects, and job sheets. Our live calendar view makes it simple to see your appointments.

Help your Business Grow with our Route Optimizing Feature

With our Route Optimization Software, you can easily streamline your business. In just a few minutes, you can edit the settings to meet your needs thanks to our auto planning feature. The auto planning feature automatically schedules jobs for the entire month and assigns them to your workers based on your settings you have inputted.

Keep an Eye on your Team's Performance

Eworks Manager's Task Management Software allows you to keep track of the performance of your team members by generating detailed management reports. These reports assist you in identifying team members who are giving it their all and in making informed decisions that will increase your company's productivity.

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