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How our Business Management App Measures Unproductive Field Operatives

Successful business owners know how to make the most of their resources. They know how to maximize their profits and minimize their costs by fully utilizing their resources. So, how can one identify when one's workforce is being inefficient with their time? Productivity isn’t easy to monitor, especially when your field operatives are out in the field. Eworks Business Management App easily solves this problem. Here is how our App can help you monitor your field operative’s level of productivity.

Identify Wasted Travel Time

In order to avoid work, unproductive field operatives may take longer routes to their jobs, run private missions during work or claim to have to traveled to places they have never been to. With our Business Management App, you can easily reduce levels of unproductivity by tracking your workforce live out in the field. Our tracking system logs your field operative’s journeys, locations, the speed at which they travel and so much more. Our tracking system lets you know exactly what your field operatives are up to while they are out in the field.

Avoid Wasted Time On Paperwork

Unproductive operatives may procrastinate with their paperwork in order to avoid the work at hand. You can easily eradicate this problem by eliminating paperwork and moving over to our Business Management App. Our App requires very little effort and is easy to use. Compliance forms and work sheets can also be filled out while on the job so there is no excuse for any delays from your technicians.

Target Wasted Time

Like paperwork, projects may also take longer than expected to complete. This may be the result of unproductive field operatives. Our Business Management App monitors exactly what your workers do whilst out on the job. It also tracks how long it takes your field operatives to perform tasks. You can hence log the progress made by each field operative for a specific job – allowing you to clearly see and monitor productivity levels.

Eworks Manager’s Business Management App can help you maintain efficiency and productivity within the workplace by tracking your field operative’s progress and movements.

For more information about our Business Management App, contact us today. Also feel free to start your 14-day free trial and see what makes Eworks Manager an award winning software system.