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You may think Key Performance Indicators aren’t necessary as your corporation may seem to be running fine, money is flowing, and your employees are doing their job – so you think.  After long periods of stagnancy, it is important to do an evaluation of your company. Your first step would be to determine your main goal – what does the company want to achieve? This could possibly include decreasing your quote rejection rate or to increase the number of jobs being completed in a month. Step 2 is deciding on how to measure and assess this and lastly how you will execute this. Eworks Manager’s full-featured FSM system comes equipped with a platform to analyse previous and current data and the tools to execute your vision.


How Eworks Will Help you Hit your KPI’s

1. Leads and Sales

By successfully managing potential customers and quotes for current customers you will drastically improve your potential to sale conversion rate. With Eworks Lead Management you can capture, keep a track of and easily convert your leads into customers or quotes in one system. The system stores all information, so you don’t misplace it, and anyone that needs to have access to it does.

2. Fix Before Due Date / First Time Fix

Managing jobs more effectively is possible with Eworks. When jobs are completed off manually the complete by dates are not easily noticeable. When jobs are overdue, Eworks has put in place a feature that highlights and categorizes these so the office can easily see which jobs they need to chase up on. Jobs are also categorized if they aren’t completed the first time a worker tends to them. Jobs that require office intervention can be monitored and issues dealt with as they happen. If there happens to be a pattern as to why jobs are being sent back, for example, if the correct parts aren’t readily available to your workers as they do jobs, that specific department can be analyzed, and processes adjusted accordingly. Once these areas in your business have implemented the most efficient process, your jobs will be completed off the first time and due dates will never be prolonged.

3. Reports

Compiling reports could take hours, if not days to do and when done manually it increases the chances of inaccuracies. In Eworks, you can print or export various reports immediately. There is no need to wait for data or calculations. Pulling instant reports gives you the information you need when you need it.

  • Customer Lifetime Value
    Identifying your most valuable customer is a quick and simple task in Eworks. Our customer reports display specifically calculated figures showing you the customer that has cost you the least but has spent the most. Search filters allow you to search this by certain date ranges allowing you to establish your customers lifetime value. By identifying your least profitable customer you can investigate and establish why this is, and in doing so could create opportunity.
  • Customer Complaints Report
    Rectifying customer complaints soon after staff log them will improve the relationship between you and your customer and improve your reputation. This will create loyal customers who will generate more work for you. Being able to log a customer complaint against a quote, job, invoice or customer means that these can be tracked and monitored and having the system generate a report means that a certain member of staff can export all complaints instead of chasing these up or trying to find out exactly what was said.
  • Quote Summary
    The quote summary report in Eworks will display in graph format the number of quotes for a specific date range that have been accepted and which were rejected along with the value of the quote. You can easily find out why a quote was rejected by a customer as these are categorized into their own section paired with the reason it was rejected. This allows you to identify a rejection pattern and either adjust pricing, quotation time or even customer service so you can decrease your rejection rate going forward.
  • Employee Profit Report
    The employee profitability report will let you quickly see who your most and least profitable employee is. This report is compiled considering many factors including time spent on a job, employee cost, etc. This will allow you to investigate as to why some workers are doing more than others. It could be that jobs are being allocated unfairly or workers are taking longer to complete off jobs, and with an all in one integrated system, you can view a full history on each job which will give you the information you need.

4. Dashboards

Eworks Dashboards are incorporated in the quotes, jobs, invoice and purchase order sections of the system. These dashboards offer a visual representation of current statistics and values compared to the previous month’s totals. This allows you to, at a glance, see what needs to be improved on.

5. Automatic Notifications & Tasks

Setting up notifications or Triggers as Eworks likes to call them will ensure your team in the office are notified when actions take place. For example, when a job is complete the system can automatically notify/remind multiple people in the office to send the job for invoicing, or if a lead is converted into a quote the relevant people will be made aware of this. Tasks can be created within certain sections of the system. These tasks can be made for yourself or another member of staff to set up meetings, callbacks or a follow-up.  This means that leads, quotes, jobs, purchase orders, and invoices won’t be left unattended long enough to be forgotten about, therefore, sales will be increased as you will get a quote to your customer before your competitor, you can send the job for invoicing as soon as the job is completed and getting purchase orders approved can be done with the click of a button.



Eworks Manager has the tools you need to reach and if not surpass your KPI’s. By introducing structure into your corporation means that if the steps are taken as they should every department will produce the desired results. Register for a 14-day free trial today and hit all your KPI’s.