Field Management Software: Organize Tasks and Manage Mobile Workers 

How does field management software work?

Field service management is carried out through the use of automated software that is linked to backend systems. It will help you automate several areas of your business, such as scheduling, job allocation, installations, invoicing, payroll, servicing, and repairs. It enables you, for example, to track all stages of a job in real-time.

Eworks Manager allows you to manage your workflow from anywhere using our mobile app. You may be gone from the office while still having access to critical information such as client history and document management.

A field management software solution, such as Eworks Manager, can collect all of the necessary information about your jobs, mobile employees, or fleet drivers. This solution will assist you in maintaining workflow management, increasing client happiness, and assisting your staff in completing more projects.

Increase Productivity

Automate dispatching so that the right technician, papers, and components are dispatched to the right task. Enhance reliability and first-time resolutions.

Boost Asset Uptime

Proactively monitor and maintain the system to avoid costly unplanned downtime.

Insights & Visibility

A centralized dashboard increases understanding of findings. Keep track of daily activities as well as the status of work orders.

When Should You Invest in Field Management Software?

If your organization employs more than one technician, a field service monitoring platform is a great investment. It automates, optimizes, and simplifies your field service operations, allowing you and your team to perform more work in less time. You also discuss task scheduling to prevent having two techs working on the same job or sending someone from one side of town to the other.

Route optimization, real-time GPS tracking, automatic SMS and email notifications, and CRM software are just a few of the tools available to help you provide excellent customer service and grow your business.

Furthermore, the majority of field management software packages provide invoicing and billing.

Instead of handling those items independently, everything is now centralized in one platform.
However, if you are the sole technician (or if you just have one), you may not require it right now. Having said that, Eworks Manager provides a 14-day free trial.
Even if you have a small workforce, you may find it quite beneficial and worthwhile to invest in.

Jobs can be Scheduled and Arranged in Advance.

As you add new tasks to the system, you may assign users to each appointment. Using the drag-and-drop function, you may allocate jobs or appointments to your team on the Time Planner. It is considerably easier to add new tasks to your workers' schedules when accessing their calendars

Field personnel may accept jobs through the Mobile Job Scheduling App and track the status of the job depending on the project's progress. Our technology tracks how much time each person spends on-site and how much time they travel, allowing us to provide accurate estimates. You may save time by scheduling events ahead of time because your team's diaries are instantly synced to the Mobile App.

If you believe it is time to enhance your field service business, try Eworks Manager's outstanding Field Management Software for a 14-day free trial now, or contact us to schedule a demo!

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