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Plan, Schedule, Manage and Track your Mobile Workforce with Eworks Manager’s Job Sheet App

Eworks Manager’s Job Sheet Software enables you to create and manage electronic job sheets from a centralized cloud-based platform.

Your job information can be easily viewed, saved, and accessed anywhere, at any time, with Eworks Manager’s Job Sheet Management Software.

Your Mobile Workforce Can Manage Their Workload From The Field with Eworks Manager’s Job Sheet App

Schedule and Manage your Jobs

Our Field Management Software assists you with the scheduling and management of your work. When a job is assigned to a mobile worker, the worker immediately receives an alert from the Eworks Manager Work Schedule App. Your mobile staff will use our software to view all of the details of their assigned job, such as the job description, directions, and instructions, as well as all job-related documents.

Mobile workers can obtain signatures from customers or technicians using our system. This software also allows you to save time on-site filling out paperwork while still getting your job approved. Using an electronic job sheet system has never been simpler!

Attach and Access Documents via the Job Sheet Software

You can use our Job Sheet system to attach and access your documents anywhere, anytime. The Eworks Manager’s Job Sheet App allows your field workers to attach documents and images to the jobs through their mobile or tablet devices.

Customize your Job Sheets

In Eworks Manager, you can customize your job sheets and include as much information as you need to. When adding users to the Admin System, you can include their hourly wage, such as with a supervisor that is needed on-site.

Track the Time Spent on Each Job

Our Job Sheet Software allows you to track the exact time spent on each job, helping you to generate accurate invoices. As soon as your mobile worker accepts a job by using the app, the time tracker of our system starts tracking the time, and when the job is completed, the time tracker stops tracking the time. Our software tracks your workers’ on-site time as well as the time that they spend while traveling towards the job site, helping you to generate accurate invoices.

Track the Progress of your Jobs in Real-Time

Monitor the status of your jobs and get real-time updates. After getting feedback from the mobile staff, admin staff may use the Admin System’s Live Panel to make quick and informed decisions based on the responses of the mobile workers. You may also use the live panel to keep track of the progress of your work.

When a new job arises, the admin team assigns it to an employee, and when the job is completed, the mobile worker or the admin team can send the invoice to the client. Manual methods are more susceptible to errors than digital methods because if we use physical job cards, there is a risk of losing or overlooking information. You may reduce the likelihood of such errors by using job sheet software.

Analyse the Performance of your Employees

Our job sheet system allows you to track and analyze the performance of your team. You can know precisely how much time a worker is spending on a specific job and how much time is spent traveling to the job site. This efficient tracking software helps you to generate accurate invoices. With the help of the analysis, you can quickly figure out those workers who are giving their hundred percent, allowing you to recognize and reward them for their efforts.

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