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Enhance Your Company’s Efficiency with CRM and Sales Management

Have you considered CRM and sales management software to improve business operations?

CRM, or customer relationship management, is a system of keeping all your customer data in one digital system. This digital system provides you with quick access to all customer data, communications, information, feedback and more. By including an efficient sales management feature, your business can record, track and review all clients’ information together with their transactions from one place. Eworks Manager is the most dependable system for companies looking to improve their customer relations as well as sales.

Grow Customer Relationships and Boost Productivity

Many businesses have started to look for new ways to improve the way they conduct business. Field Service Management systems can help gain control over your business, but maybe your business needs to grow customer relationships? CRM management software can boost business productivity further when applied correctly. Eworks Manager’s Workforce Scheduling Software has a fantastic CRM feature that tracks your customer records and interactions and allows you to save and access all your customer history, including

  • Customer data (details and information)
  • Customer communications (calls, messages, emails)
  • Customer support details
  • Complaints
  • Tasks
  • Jobs
  • Invoices
  • Leads
  • Notes

The CRM feature keeps a record of everything concerning your customers, from the most important purchase order to the smallest note about a client, stored within the system and available at any time.

Software That Puts You in Control of Your Business

Eworks Manager also has a Sales Management feature that will help you convert more sales and track sale history more effectively. The Sales Management feature has lead management, an estimating system and marketing in place, which gives you full command of your sales process from start to finish.

Potential customers are very important for business, with lead management, you can track your leads, manage enquiries and refine your marketing for all your connections. This system is especially fitting for companies that outsource for appointments or telemarketing. When using the CRM feature, you can easily create client and lead profiles and integrate your sales database with your client database.

Our estimating software helps your business store all your quotations in one place for easy reference. This online system allows you to create estimates, easily convert leads to estimates, report on sales and manage your sales appointments with ease. You won't lose another estimate for your clients again. With this feature, you can control all your contacts – from leads and customers to suppliers and partners.

With this feature, you can control all your contacts – from leads and customers to suppliers and partners.

Try Out the best CRM Management System for your business

Eworks Manager’s Field Management Software can assist you with running your business with more intelligence, control and productivity. Our admin system allows you to regulate and manage the complete operation of your business, from one place. We also offer our services from our Mobile app that links with the admin system! Our whole system is designed to promote business, management and success. Eworks Manager is compatible with any device with a browser, whether it's a computer, Mac, laptop, tablet or mobile.

You can start maximising your customer relations and services today! Eworks Manager enables you to get the maximum productivity for your business across the board. Contact us and get a free 14 day trial today.

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