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Use Expense Management Software to Keep Track of Company Costings

Anyone who tracks their expenses on spreadsheets will know the many struggles and frustrations that come along with it. This form of expense management is not only frustrating, but it is also hugely time-consuming.

Given the realities and frustrations of manually managing expenses, there are many benefits that come with Expense Management Software. With this type of software, you can now wave goodbye to manual spreadsheets, cells and formulae and throw away those finished receipts in the bin.

Expense Management Software can assist you in making more intelligent business decisions at any time, especially in more difficult economic conditions. Instead of consolidating everything manually, you can now save time by doing everything digitally. An expense management software solution also allows you to better deal with and prevent receipt issues.

Some benefits of Eworks Manager’s Expense Management Software:

  • Expenses can be matched back to each employee and each job.
  • Better communicate expense guidelines for better management of expenses.
  • Electronic capturing of receipts is important for authenticating expenses. Proper record maintenance also helps with tax submissions and deductions.
  • Eliminate any duplicate or unnecessary expenses through accurate electronic record keeping. Accounts or admin can also approve or reject expenses.
  • Detailed reports on company expenses aid in better business finance management. This will help improve job profitability.

Capturing Expenses is as easy as 1-2-3

With Eworks Manager’s Expense Management Software, you and your field operatives can add expenses to each job, get monthly expense reports and assign whether a job is billable or not. Our system automatically works out profits – saving your time. All receipts can also be captured by photograph via the Mobile App as they happen. This keeps everything in one place.

Tracking expenses and matching these with digitised receipt copies has never been easier. 'Actual spend vs. budget spend' is available within seconds and future financial planning is made simple. With your expense problems solved, you can now concentrate other areas of your corporation.

If you think that our Expense Management feature is one that can work for you and your corporation, please feel free to contact us now to book in an online demonstration of the software. Also feel free to try our 14 FREE Trial and test the software out for yourself.