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Order Materials and Supplies On-site With Our Purchase Order App

What exactly is a Purchase Order App?

A purchase order app is a software application, either mobile or web-based, that assists you with your purchasing and procurement process for better purchase order management. You can handle purchase orders directly from your smartphone or tablet using native applications, such as those available for Android and iOS devices. Users should use a simple Purchase Order System to generate purchase orders (POs) for products and services from anywhere.

Why Should Your Company Be Using a Purchase Order Application?

Accelerate the Purchase Order Process

Creating and approving purchase order documents by hand requires a significant amount of time and effort. Not only that but the process is riddled with error potential, which adds extra work and stress to everyone involved, especially those who do the admin. Using an app allows everyone on staff to build a purchasing request form and submit it for approval in minutes.

Purchase orders are approved in a matter of seconds and submitted to the supplier for distribution. There is no longer a need for keeping track of paperwork or chasing down people for approval. Department heads and managers can approve of orders even when away from the workplace.

Increase Productivity

Since people can create and authorise purchasing orders much more quickly, the whole company can benefit from increased efficiency. Your accounts department will spend less time reconciling invoices against orders and supplies purchased, thanks to automation. This allows the company to optimise cash flow and take advantage of early payment discounts.

Save Money and Time

The elimination of a lengthy paper trail streamlines the purchasing process from beginning to end. Purchase order applications digitise the whole operation, saving you time and money in a variety of ways.

By automating the purchase order process, employees can spend less time on those jobs, allowing labour costs to be reduced. And if your workforce continues to work the same number of hours per week, they can complete more jobs in the same period of time, allowing the company to save money.

Real-Time Monitoring of All Activity

Manual paper-based processes do not allow you to monitor something as it happens. This opens the door to a list of potential issues, including overspending, unplanned spending, lost records, a lack of enforcement, and even fraud.

With a purchase order app, all action is tracked in real-time. This means that when purchase requisitions are accepted, the required funds are deducted from the budget to avoid overspending. Automation also controls and prevents employees from authorising directives that are not within their place of authority.

Try Eworks Manager's Purchase Order App

Designed for small to medium-sized companies, this easy-to-use purchase order software includes all of the necessary information for the buyer's successful purchase order management.|

Eworks Manager's purchase order forms contain fields for the PO date, billing and shipping information, the buyer's phone number, an item list, terms and conditions, supplier details, estimated delivery dates, item specifications, payment method and payment terms.

Our estimating software and Field Management System integrate seamlessly into our purchase order section, making it easier to calculate expenses.

Our system can also provide comprehensive summaries and reports on all costs associated with your company's employees and programmes. It distinguishes between billable and non-billable expenses, ensuring that all expenses and transactions are logged and captured. Get a comprehensive rundown of profits earned on work, programmes, and customers, as well as a complete history of expenses and purchased goods.

Try Eworks Manager's Field Management Software and Purchase Order App today for a 14-day free trial, and see how we can help your business keep control of costs and supplies.

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