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Transform the Efficiency of Your Service Business With Field Service Engineer Software

Do you want to provide accurate job information to your field service engineers?

Work orders can be automated with improved visibility with Field Service Engineer Software. Workflow can be improved and managed easily by the field service workers with Eworks Manager. We know that data duplication, excessive paperwork, and low productivity could be faced by your company if there is no proper connection between the field engineers and the office team. Our system is designed to improve job workflow, manage, and track your field staff in real-time.

Do you want to save time and simplify management tasks for your company?

Field staff productivity, job costing and customer profitability are areas you should focus on to improve your company's performance. Our all-in-one system is the perfect solution to all the challenges your business faces while managing field service engineers. We offer a single source that can streamline your business from start to end.

What are the Benefits of using Field Service Engineer Software?

Capture Job Activities & Progress:

Eworks Manager's Field Service Management Software allows engineers to update the status of their jobs in real-time, which sends updates to your admin team on job progress. To know whether your company is on track or not, you need key performance indicators.

The system can monitor staff performance and helps your team respond quickly to any actions happening in the field. A live display of all jobs for the day, week, or month can be displayed on our system's Live Panel feature.

Real-time Scheduling:

Our system makes it easy to schedule new appointments for field workers on the Time Planner by viewing live job progress. The workers' exact location can also be tracked with the map-view, giving you a helping hand in managing emergency jobs. This intelligent job scheduling helps to prevent job overruns.

Automated Scheduling:

Our system offers Smart Planning and Auto Planning features that let you set up specific jobs according to your field workers' skill sets and locations. Default completion times could also be attached to the appointments.

Purchase Order Software:

If your team needs any additional parts or materials to complete the job, they can order them from site via the Mobile App. Automated notifications about ordering the new parts are sent to the admin system, where orders can be authorized. This helps to save time and money.

Go paperless in the field with our Mobile App:

Our Mobile App eliminates all the paperwork in the field and especially in the office. Real-time job information, photo and signature capture, built-in risk assessment, and customizable electronic workflows can all be managed from one system. Field Engineers can manage their workloads and join a job just by logging on to the App. Electronic timesheets can be completed from anywhere and at any time.

Start seeing results by using Eworks Manager's industry-leading Field Service Engineer Software.

  • Improve Your Team's Time Management.
  • Smarter scheduling allows you to stop Overrun Jobs.
  • Real-Time tracking of your field operatives jobs.
  • Live Notifications of actions and job progress in the field.
  • User-friendly Mobile App designed for field engineers. Completely free to download!

Learn how Eworks Manager's Field Service Engineer Software can transform your service business by trying out our 14-Day Free Trial.

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