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Why Your Business Should Use Mobile Tracking and Vehicle Tracking

There is a stack of systems in the market which security companies can make use of to manage their entire operation. These systems allow you to create and manage quotes, jobs, invoices, and your workforce out in the field. But what these systems do not offer is a comprehensive system of features. This includes important aspects that need tracking. Whether it be the ability to manage and control all areas, specifically your planned maintenance, equipment and the availability of field workers effectively.

Managing Planned Preventative Maintenance

The main function of a security company is to install security equipment on their customer’s premises. Equipment needs to be maintained for it to be working at its peak. This is where planned preventative maintenance comes in. If equipment is not seen to at specific intervals not only your customer but also you, risk being held liable for that equipment not operating properly. Implementing a piece of software that will remind and notify you and also automatically create and run your preventative jobs for you will ensure you are covered. By setting up Recurring Jobs it makes sure your office knows your field staff have completed jobs and also which still need to be seen to. If you are running monthly or yearly maintenance contracts it also keeps you informed of when those might end. Stay ahead of the game with field service management software.

Tracking Field Workers Stock

Security equipment comes with a high price tag. This means that even if one camera were to go missing it could cause internal conflict and a hole in your pocket. When staff are using a fully integrated mobile App to manage their jobs and stock levels, it makes sure that each stock item has a track record of all movements. Make sure each item is tracked as it moves from one location to the next. Using a system that incorporates mobile inventory will allow your staff to complete individual stock takes, create picking lists and move spare stock if someone needs it. This way you can minimize your expenditure by knowing exactly where your equipment is or has been.

Asset Management

Whilst preventative maintenance and stock location is important, it is also vital that equipment is managed thoroughly. Whether on yours or your customer’s site. Equipment needs to be accounted for and a full history stored. With Asset Management integrated into field service software you will know what equipment you are responsible for when last it was serviced or maintained. Also, know which of your technicians worked on it last – with the click of a button.

Worker Availability

Security is one of the main worries of any business owner. This means that equipment downtime needs to be avoided. For security companies, it’s a matter of finding an available worker close by to tend to a callout. With Vehicle Tracking integrated into your field service software, your office can locate the closest available worker to a job. With a live view of where all company vehicles are, jobs can easily be assigned.

Security companies that implement software specifically designed for them and their operations will ensure that costs are minimized, they avoid wasted time and make sure equipment is managed and tracked efficiently.


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