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Job Management Software The Best Tool For Your Business

Do You Want To Enjoy Seamless Workflow?

Eworks Manager has created an excellent all-in-one Field Service & Job Management Software ideal for any trade or field service company. Our system is cloud-based, with a synchronized Mobile Job Management App that field service professionals can use to manage their workload.

Why choose Job Management Software over spreadsheets?

To manage their workloads and organize their jobs, several, if not all, firms began by utilizing spreadsheets. However, using spreadsheets to manage your business has proven to be an intimidating and time-consuming procedure over time. Why should your organization continue to rely on an outdated application to run its operations? Your service business can be profitable if you use innovation.

Whether you're in the plumbing, gas safety, cleaning, or heating sector, Job Management Software can help you grow. It is software that can help you optimize your business processes and provide you with an advantage over your competitors at a low cost.

Our software can assist your team in becoming more productive and lucrative and enhancing customer and employee happiness. Every part of your business, including leads, estimates, task scheduling, dispatching, managing suppliers and orders, billing, and dealing with customers, is fully controlled by the system.

How can Job Management Software assist your business:

Manage Jobs in Seconds:

At a glance, you can manage and track jobs, and store all job information in one location. Every element of each job, such as your resources, time allocation, expenses, and profitability, can be stored in the system and tracked and managed in seconds.

Our software will streamline your processes and create useful insights on a variety of topics. The system is constantly updated as field workers provide job progress updates to management via the app, facilitating your communication. As they go about their business, your field team can update their job status from 'accepted' to 'on-route' to 'finished.' The Job Management App also keeps track of how long workers spend on each job and how long it takes them to commute to and from their job sites.

Customers and field technicians can receive confirmation emails and SMS messages regarding the progress of their appointments. Job times can now be recorded without the use of paper, and administration can become completely paperless. Because everything is digitally recorded and saved safely in the cloud, using an online system avoids human error.

Complete jobs with ease:

While on the job, field staff can send completed tasks for approval immediately from their mobile device. They may connect with the office, create purchase orders for suppliers, and contact the client if necessary using the Eworks Manager Mobile App.

Paper documents can be uploaded, digitized, and attached to jobs by your team. Mobile users can utilize the App to access and complete documents. This feature enables technicians to access their compliance certifications via the app and fill them out digitally on the job.

Our Job Management Software enables your mobile employees to work more efficiently and with less frustration.

Boost Productivity:

Admin personnel will save a significant amount of time because the system includes a variety of features and tools to help them manage their task.

Your field staff may work on their jobs when offline with our Mobile App. Until users reestablish an internet connection, the app will save all of their submitted data locally on their device. After that, the app will sync with the system and update their job sheets.

By simplifying scheduling and putting an electronic work order solution in the palm of your hand, our software helps you enhance efficiency. Smart devices, such as tablets and mobile phones, can be used to manage job-related tasks on a daily basis.

Our Field Service & Job Management Software streamlines the scheduling procedure like no other on the market. We also provide greater value for your money by including 12 weeks of onboarding, which includes instruction on how to utilize the system and maximizing your user experience.

Now is the best time to adopt a system that gives you the flexibility you need for scheduling, helps you dispatch jobs instantly, and locates field workers. Streamline your scheduling by switching to Eworks Manager.

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