Job Management Software

With Eworks Managers job management software you will be able to keep track of all your jobs

Job Management Software

Managing jobs is a very hard task for a company that is busy. Doing this on excel or using paperwork only allows you to make mistakes. Our Eworks job management software makes this very easy and ensures that no job ever goes untouched or not invoiced.

We have many ways to create a job in our system, simply create a new one, convert an estimate to a job, import them or have them sent in from another system. What is key and unique about Eworks is that we have automated management built in, and depending on what happens in the field / office we move your jobs into the relevant section for you to manage more efficiently.

With the ability to email your customers updates, notify your managers of key stages, SMS your client automatically when you are on your way, we have many features that will job management in this software very organised and efficient.

Your jobs can go totally paperless with our APP and makes sharing data with your operatives or contractors effortless. With our file management solution, you can give forms or certificates for your APP users to fill out digitally. You can send multiple people to the same job at different times. You can even setup automation to notify the second person that their appointment is now ready once the first has finished, all without manual intervention.

Once the job is complete, with one click you can create the invoice ready to send to the customer, alternatively, with our integration solution, we can fire the invoice into your accounting solution direct

We have an endless list of features in our system and we are sure you have now found the solution for your job management software.

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