Guarantee worker safety during the construction labor shortage crisis

The United States is facing a severe labor shortage. In April, the country had a staggering 9.3 million job openings, and 4 million people quit their jobs in the same month. While the shortage is affecting all industries, it’s had a significant impact on construction.

Some staff are unable to return to work because their health has been affected by COVID-19 or because they’re worried about getting sick. Others are choosing to stay at home to take care of family members who are ill. And there are those who are still relying on unemployment benefits, with no intention of looking for employment or going back to work.

The good news is that there were 14,000 fewer jobless claims at the end of October - a sign that Americans may be ready to return to work. However, they have concerns regarding the safety of work environments. Creating an attractive work environment is more important than ever. We’ve put together four things to keep in mind when attracting new employees to get them to join your team - and keep them happy.

Safety first, health first

Show your workers that their safety is your priority by limiting their chances of coming into contact with COVID-19. By now, everyone should understand the importance of isolating when experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, but reinforce the rule by reminding your team to stay at home. You may need your workers to return to work, but you must also guarantee the safety of all employees by making sure no one is exposed to the disease.

Bridge the gap, but keep your distance

Staying in touch with your employees during these uncertain times is crucial. But social distancing can make communication difficult. You may not be on-site to make sure that social distancing is in place, but our Social Distancing Job Approval Features can do that for you.

Our mobile app gets rid of paperwork, limits physical contact, and reduces the spread of COVID-19. With access to all documents and certificates from their mobile device, your workers will have more time to get to as many tasks as possible. You can also send:

  • an alert to your customers before your technician arrives, giving them time to prepare for their arrival;
  • create questionnaires for your team to make sure they’re following the health and safety rules;
  • and you can get your jobs approved with zero contact by sending an approval link via text message.

Be a champion for employee mental health

The pandemic has been a stressful time. It’s put pressure on everyone’s mental health, including your employees. Promoting good mental health is essential to keep your workers happy and attract new workers, too. Before they return to work, encourage them to confide in a colleague or someone they can trust - especially those who’ve been affected by COVID-19 or lost a loved one to the disease. Let them know that it’s important to take a break from work to stretch, chat with someone, or take a walk when needed. Hobbies outside of work can help workers who are struggling with their mental health. You could suggest that they take up yoga, gardening, a sport, or any activity that’s therapeutic and relaxing.

Look ahead with Field Service Management Software

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