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Property Maintenance Software: The Perfect Solution for Maintaining Multiple Properties

Do you want to simplify the complexities of running a property maintenance business?

If you run a company that manages and maintains multiple properties and dream of having extra hours in your day. In this case, Eworks Manager's Property Maintenance Software is the perfect solution for your business.

How does it work?

Eworks Manager is an all-in-one management system that is also known as CMMS Software. Property managers should use this software—a cloud-based management solution for managing projects, assets, and submitting invoices and estimates—to coordinate maintenance operations efficiently and effectively. All of your property maintenance jobs can be scheduled, recorded, and managed without needing a significant amount of time.

The Top 5 benefits that Property Maintenance software has to offer:

1. Easy Job Management:

Property Maintenance Software has become one of the best tools that advanced technology has provided to property managers for efficiently managing jobs. You can easily manage and monitor the progress of jobs from start to finish in real-time by viewing each job's status.

2. Real-time Updates and Notifications for Customers:

A business could be successful only when its customers are happy with it, and that is possible when a company can provide good customer service. Real-time updates and notifications can be sent to your clients when your team arrive on-site and when they complete the job.
The CMMS system can generate job reports and asset information, which helps you get more insight into your business.

3. Fully Flexible Invoicing:

Batch invoices and job-by-job invoices can easily be created and sent out using this software. This software can immediately generate job completion details and costs, which helps speed up invoicing. Create professional invoices using Eworks Manager's fully customizable invoice templates. This feature improves the invoicing process's efficiency and allows you to reflect your company's brand better.

4. Set Recurring Jobs on a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Basis:

Preventative maintenance can be scheduled as recurring jobs for clients who need regular maintenance services. All you need to do is set a recurrence rule against a job that needs to be performed daily, weekly, or monthly. Recurring asset and site maintenance can be set up and tracked easily with Property Maintenance Software, so your team always knows what work needs to be done.

5. Assign and Track Reactive Jobs:

The work turnaround time on reactive jobs could be improved by assigning and monitoring all reactive jobs with our geo map-view. Viewing the closest operatives available to the client's site will speed up the dispatching process.

Available slots in the Time Planner can be filled with a drag-and-drop tool, making it simple to delegate jobs to mobile workers. When the assigned field operative accepts the task, the planner's color-coded block will automatically change to reflect the job status.

Make job management quicker and easier for field service teams by using Eworks Manager's Property Maintenance Software. Our user-friendly cloud-based tools help your team communicate better and work more efficiently.

Our software can help you to achieve the following:

  • Create, customize, and email estimates.
  • Create, assign, and schedule appointments.
  • Operatives could be tracked in the field.
  • Authorize and Invoice Instantly.
  • Jobs could be requested online by the tenants.
  • Assets could be maintained through their entire lifecycle.
  • Projects and expenses could be tracked and managed.

Contact us today or activate a 14-day free trial of our system, and see how it can transform the way you conduct your business and manage your team.

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