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A Full Featured Field Service Management System Designed For Double Glazing Companies and Window Installers.

  • Create, assign and schedule jobs
  • Track your operative’s out on the field
  • See if your workers are where they need to be
  • Keep track of everything and manage your workforce all within one system!
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How Can Eworks Manager Help Window Installation Corporations?

Management Software For Your Window Installation Corporation

Not only do window installation corporations need to focus on the actual installation of windows but they may need to fix broken windows or straight up replace them. As well as this, the organization of jobs and the management of work materials also plays a vital role.

With Eworks Manager’s software you can easily add products to the system. These may include window-panes, glues and other materials used. As well as this, you can add other details such as tax rates, prices, pickup locations etc. Once everything is stored within the system, you can use the items and their information to build up estimates, jobs and invoices.

Easily create estimates within the system from your desktop, mobile device or tablet. It's quick and easy to do and entirely customizable. Once the estimate is complete, you can then either directly email it to your client or print it for you to give it to the client yourself. All quotes can then also be converted into invoices. With Eworks Manager, managing a glazing and window installation corporation has never been easier!

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