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How Can Our Electrical Software Help Your Business?

Managing your workforce can be a difficult task as an electrical contractor. From organizing electrical rewires to test certificates, there are many things to consider. Fortunately, with Eworks Manager’s electrical software, you can keep your electrical business organized and efficient – all within one system!

Re-active Jobs

With our built-in job tracker, electrical contractors can easily manage and track their workforce. They can access their field technician’s work schedules and monitor the status of their jobs and locations. With our Vehicle Tracking feature, business owners and supervisors can also track their drivers live on a job. Our notification section furthermore eliminates wasted time and prevents delays in communication.

Planned Work

Schedule all your jobs in no time with Eworks Manager’s job planner. You can access the planner on your desktop, mobile device or tablet. You can also digitally schedule all work sheets in advance for each planned job. Because all work sheets are digital, certificates can be completed and signed for on site via the Mobile App. Booking in recurring jobs is also really easy. The system automatically stores them, and they will reappear closer to the appointment. You can then easily assign a worker to each recurring job.

Electrical Engineers

Our electrical software is built specifically for electrical companies. It aims at assisting with the organization of finances, past, current and future jobs and projects. It also enables you and your customers to log jobs, plan jobs, send job SMS notifications, monitor inventory and create ongoing jobs. You can also track job invoices, quote jobs, manage assets, track your vehicles, and monitor employees in real time and so much more.

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